What was Austin Li Coon’s biggest regret from ‘Survivor 45?’


In the finale of Survivor 45, Austin Li Coon, despite his strong gameplay and alliance with eventual winner Dee Valladares, fell short of claiming the title of “Sole Survivor” and the million-dollar prize. Reflecting on his journey, Austin acknowledged two pivotal mistakes that cost him the victory – the failed blindside of Julie Alley in episode 11 and mishandling his Hidden Immunity Idol to save his ally Drew Basile in episode 12.

The plan to blindside Julie in episode 11 crumbled when Austin confided in Dee, inadvertently alerting Julie and causing the plan’s failure. Julie used her Hidden Immunity Idol, leading to Emily Flippen’s unexpected elimination instead. In episode 12, when the tables turned with a plan to blindside Austin’s close ally, Dee kept the information to herself, solidifying her strategic gameplay and eventually securing her win in the final vote.

Reflecting on his decision to inform Dee about the Julie vote, Austin expressed regret during an Entertainment Weekly interview. He believed that had he kept Dee out of the loop, it could have empowered Drew and Emily while potentially jeopardizing his standing with Dee. He admitted to worrying about losing his position in the game and recognized that his error haunted him post-filming.


Contemplating alternate scenarios, Austin speculated that withholding information might have reshaped the dynamics, possibly benefiting his allies Drew and Emily, although the exact outcome remained uncertain. He emphasized the necessity of both Dee and Drew to ensure his path to the finale.

Despite not clinching the Survivor title, Austin’s journey throughout the competition remains captivating for fans. The entire season of Survivor 45 is available for streaming on Paramount Plus, offering an engaging viewing experience for enthusiasts of the franchise.