What Tom Petty song is in the trailer for ‘GTA 6?’


Following a decade-long anticipation, the unveiling of Grand Theft Auto VI has finally emerged, marking the debut of its initial trailer, which made an unexpected early appearance online due to an untimely leak. This early glimpse instantly captivated fervent Rockstar fans, providing a breathtaking preview of what the next installment in the immensely popular Grand Theft Auto series has in store. Moreover, it introduced the franchise’s newest protagonist, Lucia.

Lucia assumes the role of the series’ first female lead character since 1999, alongside an unnamed partner, both prominently featured throughout the trailer’s minute and a half duration. The trailer showcases updated graphics, transforming the well-known setting into a fresh and visually stunning experience, igniting enthusiasm for a return to Vice City. Situated in a Florida-inspired backdrop, the city boasts magnificent waterfront vistas, towering skyscrapers, palm-lined beaches, and an air of coastal mischief.

Among the trailer’s standout features is its soundtrack, flawlessly syncing with the slightly frenetic ambiance prevalent throughout the footage. While depicting scenes of cars racing, individuals dancing atop vehicles, and others grappling with alligators, a familiar voice croons a surprisingly mellow melody. Although some may be unfamiliar with Tom Petty, his distinctive voice resonates unmistakably. However, the specific song he performs might not be as recognizable.


Tom Petty, known for iconic tracks like “Free Falling” and “I Won’t Back Down,” lends his talent to GTA 6’s debut trailer with “Love Is a Long Road.” Though not among Petty’s most famous songs, this track hails from his inaugural solo album, Full Moon Fever, released in 1989. Even though it might not have been a standout before its association with Rockstar, its newfound status as the official soundtrack for GTA 6’s initial preview is bound to elevate its significance. It’s poised to join the ranks of Petty’s celebrated classics like “American Girl.”