What The Cameras Don’t Show You On HGTV’s Home Town


Since its debut in 2016, HGTV’s “Home Town” has charmed viewers with the heartwarming renovations led by married couple Ben and Erin Napier in their small town of Laurel, Mississippi. The show has enjoyed tremendous success, celebrating its 100th episode milestone in February 2024, and has spawned two popular spin-offs. Despite this success, not all aspects of their journey or the renovation process make it to the final cut of each episode.


Selective Room Renovations

One of the recurring questions from fans of “Home Town” is why certain rooms in a house don’t get renovated or shown. Erin Napier addressed this in a May 2017 Instagram post, explaining that the decision is usually based on three factors: homeowner requests, budget constraints, and time limitations. Homeowners often have specific rooms they want to prioritize, and budget restrictions can limit the scope of renovations. Additionally, time constraints mean that not all rooms can be featured within the filming schedule.

Erin reiterated these points in December 2022 when discussing why the living room in their own renovated dream home wasn’t showcased. She clarified that the room only needed minor updates, which didn’t justify a full segment on the show.


The Rigorous Filming Process

Filming an episode of “Home Town” is an extensive process that can take hours for a single scene. Rhonda Phillips, a Season 4 participant, shared with Realtor.com in June 2020 about the demanding filming schedule and the necessity of retakes. Scenes often need to be shot multiple times to capture the perfect footage, which can be exhausting, especially in uncomfortable conditions like a hot attic.

Despite the intensive process, the Napiers strive to maintain authenticity. Rhonda noted that while many scenes are meticulously crafted, the final walkthrough is only filmed once to ensure genuine reactions.


Maintaining Continuity

Continuity is crucial in filming, and Erin has shared insights into the behind-the-scenes efforts to maintain it. In the first season, she explained the importance of wardrobe pictures to ensure that outfits remain consistent if scenes need to be reshot on different days. This attention to detail helps create a seamless viewing experience.


Financial Aspects of Renovations

While the homeowners featured on “Home Town” pay for their renovations, the Napiers offer affordable rates by handling much of the work themselves. This model not only makes the renovations accessible but also adds a personal touch to each project, reflecting Ben and Erin’s commitment to their community and craft.


Behind-the-Scenes Transparency

Ben and Erin Napier have always been transparent about the production process, sharing behind-the-scenes details with their fans. This openness has helped build a loyal viewer base that appreciates the effort and care put into each episode.


Challenges and Scandals

Despite their success, the Napiers have faced challenges, including scandals that threatened their HGTV empire and reputation. However, their resilience and dedication to their work have allowed them to overcome these obstacles and continue creating impactful and inspiring home renovations.

“Home Town” remains a beloved series, not just for its beautiful transformations but also for the genuine passion and hard work that Ben and Erin Napier bring to every episode.