What Taylor Swift’s former bodyguards have said about her


Taylor Swift, being one of the most recognizable figures globally, finds herself constantly surrounded by bodyguards, a necessity in her high-profile life. In a revealing interview with Esquire back in October 2014, Swift confessed her initial resistance to the idea of having security, citing her desire for a semblance of normalcy. Such was the extent of her dedication to privacy that even during one-on-one interviews, she ensured security personnel were present.

Even during outings with her then-boyfriend, NFL player Travis Kelce, Swift remained accompanied by security guards. Early in their relationship, rumors swirled regarding an incident where Kelce allegedly pushed one of Swift’s bodyguards. However, Kelce swiftly debunked these claims during an episode of his “New Heights” podcast in October 2023, humorously remarking that pushing the bodyguard would likely have led to being tased.

As Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs made their way to the 2024 Super Bowl, Swift’s security arrangements came under scrutiny. Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt commended Swift’s adept security team for liaising effectively with the Chiefs’ security detail, ensuring a seamless experience. Notably, after the Chiefs clinched the Super Bowl victory, a viral TikTok video captured a bodyguard skillfully intercepting a fan attempting to approach Swift during a celebratory outing with Kelce.


However, Swift’s approachability and friendliness with fans have occasionally posed challenges for her security personnel. Greg Dent, a former bodyguard for Swift, testified during a 2017 lawsuit against the singer, shedding light on the difficulties of safeguarding such a fan-friendly celebrity. Dent expressed concerns about Swift’s tendency to interact extensively with fans, even under precarious circumstances, a trait he found challenging to manage.

Swift’s insistence on maintaining a fan-friendly demeanor was further evidenced in a viral TikTok video from May 2023, where she intervened to reprimand a security guard for his perceived harsh treatment of fans during a concert in Philadelphia. This incident highlighted Swift’s commitment to fostering a positive fan experience at her events, even at the expense of potential friction with her security team.

Despite the challenges, Swift’s security personnel have occasionally found themselves in the spotlight for their unexpected behavior. In April 2016, a security guard accompanying Swift to Disneyland became an internet sensation for his stoic demeanor while riding a theme park attraction with the singer. Conversely, in May 2023, another security guard gained viral fame for enthusiastically singing along to Swift’s songs during one of her performances, showcasing the diverse experiences encountered by those tasked with ensuring Swift’s safety.

Similarly, in June 2023, a security guard named Calvin Denker faced repercussions for his eagerness to capture memories with Swift while on duty at one of her concerts. Denker’s attempt to circumvent regulations by soliciting concert-goers to take his photo ultimately led to his dismissal from his security position, underscoring the stringent protocols surrounding Swift’s security detail.