What song was played at Barron Trump’s graduation?


The day Melania Trump likely dreaded yet eagerly anticipated finally arrived—Barron Trump’s graduation! As is customary, the familiar strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” likely filled the air as students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas. However, the lead-up to Barron’s big moment featured an eclectic mix of music that might have made the event a bit uncomfortable for the Trump family.

A video captured former U.S. President Donald Trump and Melania Trump as they waited for their son to take the stage. In the background, the song “Pompeii” by Bastille could be heard playing. While seemingly innocuous, this track carried an awkward significance. Bastille has a contentious history with Donald Trump, dating back to their 2016 song “The Currents,” which was believed to critique right-wing figures like Nigel Farage and Trump. Lead singer Dan Smith told the Huffington Post, “It’s about anybody who says anything with whatever podium or mouthpiece they have… or someone using a much more public outlet.” Given this history, the choice of “Pompeii” added an ironic twist to the graduation proceedings, but the Trump family didn’t let it spoil their day.

Proud Parents Celebrate Barron’s Achievement

Despite the awkward playlist, Donald and Melania Trump appeared as proud parents at Barron Trump’s graduation. Donald Trump, who is currently facing a criminal trial, had to obtain permission from the judge to attend the ceremony. Hours before the event, he shared his excitement on Truth Social, stating, “Going to Barron’s High School Graduation. Great student, wonderful boy! Very exciting!!! DJT.”

Video footage from the ceremony showed a towering Barron receiving his diploma, his height making him stand out among school officials. Congratulations poured in on social media, celebrating Barron’s achievement. One person tweeted, “Congrats to @BARRONTRUMP for receiving his diploma and graduating high school!” Another tweet read, “Congratulations, Barron Trump on graduating from Oxbridge Academy today! You will make an excellent POTUS one day just like your father!”

A New Chapter for Barron Trump

Photos from the event showed a joyful Trump family, including Barron’s grandparents, watching proudly as he embarked on this new chapter of his life. The milestone marked not only Barron’s transition into adulthood but also a moment of unity and pride for the Trump family amid ongoing public and legal challenges.

In the end, despite any awkward moments or underlying tensions, Barron’s graduation was a day of celebration and achievement for the youngest member of the Trump family, showcasing their resilience and family bond.