What song plays at the end of ‘Saltburn?’


Saltburn made a powerful impact when it exploded onto the big screen in December 2023, capturing the hearts of both audiences and critics. This dark comedy served as a breakthrough moment for the exceptional Barry Keoghan, finally placing him in the spotlight as a leading man. Although it’s no longer in theaters, the film remains easily accessible for streaming, offering a lasting impression that lingers with viewers well beyond the initial watch.

For those enchanted by the movie, the lingering memory might not be as potent as the catchy tune that graced the credits and concluded the film.

The end of Saltburn is marked by a memorable scene featuring Barry Keoghan’s character, Oliver Quick, dancing through the opulent Saltburn mansion, accompanied by the infectious beats of “Murder on the Dance Floor.” Keoghan’s uninhibited performance in the nude adds a touch of levity, effectively easing any tension. While some viewers might perceive the third act as weaker, the simplicity of the closing scene undeniably brings a sense of hilarity and closure.


The song, which debuted in 2001, was a collaborative effort between Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Greg Alexander, the frontman of the New Radicals. For Ellis-Bextor, it marked her first successful solo international hit, following her earlier collaboration with DJ Spiller on “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” in 2000. The album “Read My Lips” achieved remarkable success, selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide. “Murder on the Dance Floor” held its position on the UK Singles Chart for an impressive 23 weeks and reportedly ranked as the most-played song in Europe during 2022.

According to Keoghan, the particular scene took 11 attempts to perfect. However, speaking to The Wrap, the actor expressed his dedication, stating, “It could have taken 40 takes, and I wouldn’t have cared.” Keoghan highlighted that the moment symbolized a “statement of power,” a sentiment that resonates strongly with the film’s impactful conclusion.