What Rihanna Looks Like Without Makeup


Rihanna, the beloved music icon and entrepreneur, has long been adored by fans eagerly awaiting her return to the music scene. However, in recent years, she seems more focused on her booming cosmetics empire, Fenty Beauty, which Forbes estimated to be worth a staggering $1.4 billion in 2021. Despite being the face of her beauty brand, Rihanna took a refreshing departure from showcasing her beauty products in a “first selfie of the year” posted in 2020, opting instead to flaunt her natural radiance.

Her connection to makeup and beauty traces back to her upbringing in Barbados, where she didn’t have much exposure to cosmetics during her teenage years. Recalling her younger days, Rihanna mentioned to Essence that wearing lipstick was almost unheard of unless it was for a special occasion like being a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding. Her mother, strict about makeup use, actually ignited Rihanna’s interest in beauty when she allowed her to wear makeup for a beauty pageant. Working previously behind a makeup counter, Rihanna’s mother curated her look, leaving a lasting impression on Rihanna, especially the transformative power of foundation on her skin.

Despite her extensive involvement in the beauty industry, Rihanna doesn’t solely attribute her flawless appearance to makeup. Speaking with Elle in February 2023, she emphasized her commitment to skincare, emphasizing the importance of hydration. From diligently applying moisturizers to embracing coconut water for its skin-saving benefits, Rihanna revealed her secrets for maintaining a healthy, dewy glow whether she’s rocking a makeup-free look or showcasing her cosmetic line.


Throughout her journey, Rihanna’s relationship with makeup and skincare has been shaped by personal experiences and cultural influences. Despite her lucrative business ventures in the beauty industry, she continues to prioritize the holistic approach to skincare, emphasizing hydration and natural beauty, which has become a trademark of her iconic presence, both on and off the stage.