What makes ‘Hereditary’ so scary?


In 2018, Ari Aster made a striking debut in the horror genre with his film “Hereditary,” which quickly gained acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. Produced by indie powerhouse A24, the movie is often hailed as a modern horror masterpiece.

Starring Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne, Ann Dowd, and Milly Shapiro, “Hereditary” follows the harrowing journey of the Graham family after the death of their enigmatic and unsettling grandmother. As they grapple with their grief, they uncover supernatural secrets that their grandmother harbored.

For those seeking a chilling watch during the spooky season, “Hereditary” fits the bill. However, you might be wondering if it’s suitable for a family viewing or if it’s too intense. Let’s explore how scary “Hereditary” is.


The story kicks off with miniature artist Annie Graham (portrayed by the esteemed Toni Collette) attending her mother’s funeral alongside her family: husband Steve (Byrne), teenage son Peter (Wolff), and 13-year-old daughter Charlie (Shapiro). A tragic incident at a party sets off a series of horrifying events, culminating in a seance that unwittingly invites vengeful and demonic forces into their home. As these malevolent spirits begin to terrorize the family, Annie delves into her mother’s occult practices, only to become ensnared herself. The film climaxes with a terrified Peter attempting to escape the demonic onslaught, only to discover a cult-like group encircling their home, with plans to anoint him as a demon king.

On a scare scale from one to seeking refuge behind the couch, “Hereditary” ranks pretty high, particularly if you’re not a frequent consumer of horror films. It masterfully combines suspense from unseen terrors, well-timed jump scares, and a generous dose of demonic elements, hitting all the classic horror notes. As a result, it’s not a movie suitable for family viewing, nor is it recommended for those with a weak constitution.

While some viewers may argue that the final act alters the overall impact of the film, for those easily frightened, it’s still advisable to approach “Hereditary” with caution.