What is the Taylor Swift ‘1989’ Scholarship?


The intersection of Taylor Swift fandom and college students proved to be a golden opportunity for some lucky Swifties, thanks to a unique scholarship opportunity centered around Swift’s iconic album, 1989.

Bold.org, a platform dedicated to connecting students with scholarships, facilitated this initiative. The scholarship, funded by Bold.org, stemmed from an “Album of the Year March Madness” contest, where students voted to declare Taylor Swift’s 1989 as the winner. Given Swift’s ongoing success in breaking Billboard records, this choice was hardly surprising.

The scholarship was valued at $1,989, a clever nod to the album’s title. The winner of this competition was announced to be Hannah Kelcourse, a master’s student at Florida State University. In her essay, she eloquently expressed her deep connection to Swift’s music, particularly the song “Clean,” which resonated profoundly with her own journey of self-discovery and healing after the loss of her brother.


Swift’s album 1989 marked a pivotal moment in her career, solidifying her status as the reigning queen of contemporary pop music. Departing from her country roots, Swift delved into a sound reminiscent of Talking Heads during their prime. The album delves into the complex emotions stemming from her past romantic relationships, showcasing Swift’s growth as an artist.

The album’s enduring popularity prompted singer-songwriter Ryan Adams to release a cover version, which garnered its own acclaim. Swift’s recent re-release of 1989, her fourth re-recorded album, brought a wave of nostalgia and excitement for fans, with additional tracks like “Slut!,” “Say Don’t Go,” “Now That We Don’t Talk,” and “Is It Over Now?” adding new dimensions to the beloved album. This re-release further solidified 1989’s influence in the music world.