What is the ‘Overlord’ anime movie release date?


In the bustling landscape of the 2024 anime season, where series like Re: Zero, Mushoku Tensei, and Konosuba reign supreme, one must not overlook the enduring presence of the formidable Overlord. Renowned for its unapologetically morally ambiguous take on the isekai genre, Overlord has consistently captivated audiences, carving out a niche as a cult favorite. However, with the impending release of the much-anticipated Sacred Kingdom movie, Overlord stands poised to transcend its cult status and make a bold statement in the mainstream anime sphere.

Announced back in 2021, the Sacred Kingdom movie has been eagerly awaited by fans, promising to delve into the Paladin of the Holy Kingdom arc from the revered light novels. Through this cinematic journey, viewers will be granted a tantalizing glimpse into the intricate machinations of the belovedly sinister demon, Demiurge. While Albedo employs her diplomatic prowess to win over hearts and minds, Demiurge is consumed by his own twisted experiments lurking in the shadows.

For those familiar with the saga, Demiurge’s ultimate ambition is to expand the dominion of his lord, Ainz. With the unwavering loyalty of his Floor Guardians, Ainz has already subjugated the Empire and vanquished the Re-Estize Kingdom. Yet, in the realm of Overlord, conquest knows no bounds, and there are always new territories ripe for the taking. The setting of the upcoming movie hints at the Roble Holy Kingdom being the next target on Ainz’s inexorable path to dominance.


As fervent followers of the Overlord saga understand, the thirst for power is insatiable, and Ainz’s quest for supremacy knows no bounds. With the impending release of the Sacred Kingdom movie, the stage is set for a thrilling expansion of the Overlord universe, promising intrigue, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of absolute control.


When is Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom releasing?

Scheduled to grace Japanese theaters at some point in 2024, the Overlord movie, titled “The Sacred Kingdom,” has been generating significant buzz. Recently, the official Twitter account for the anime unveiled two enticing visuals for the movie, confirming its intriguing new setting. While the precise release date for “Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom Movie” remains shrouded in mystery, anime enthusiasts worldwide can rejoice as Crunchyroll has already secured the global distribution rights, ensuring that fans across the globe can partake in the excitement.

Under the direction of Naoyuki Ito from the renowned studio Madhouse, anticipation for the movie is at an all-time high. With promises to deliver the hallmark elements that define the series—dark humor, visceral violence, and existential dread—fans can expect a cinematic experience that stays true to the essence of Overlord. Adding to the excitement, the movie boasts a stellar cast, with four new members joining the fray. Yoshi Aoyama takes on the role of Neia, Hitomi Nabatame embodies Remedios, Saori Hayami lends her voice to Calca, and Haruka Tomatsu portrays Kelart, as announced in a tweet on March 22.

While “The Sacred Kingdom” movie diverges somewhat from the ongoing political intrigue of the main series, it presents a golden opportunity for immersive worldbuilding. Though it may not significantly advance the central storyline, the film holds the potential to unveil intriguing facets of the Overlord universe, offering fans a deeper understanding of its rich lore. However, until audiences have the privilege of witnessing the movie’s revelations firsthand in theaters, all discussions surrounding its narrative impact remain speculative. Nonetheless, with its imminent release, “Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom Movie” promises to transport viewers on a thrilling journey through the shadows of power and conquest.