What is the name of Gordon Ramsay’s newborn sixth baby?


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana Ramsay recently welcomed their sixth child, Jesse James Ramsay, into the world on November 8, 2023, which also happened to be Gordon’s 57th birthday. This joyful addition to their family brought a new dynamic, making Jesse the youngest member alongside his siblings.

The reason behind the name “Jesse James” remains a mystery to the public. Whether it’s a nod to the daring historical figure Jesse James, known for his encounters with Union Soldiers in the 1800s, or a reference to the reality TV show host Jesse James of Monster Garage, hasn’t been clarified by Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gordon Ramsay took to Instagram on November 11 to announce the delightful news of Jesse’s birth, expressing his excitement about welcoming the newest member into the “Ramsay brigade.” With Jesse’s arrival, four-year-old Oscar Ramsay is no longer the youngest sibling in the Ramsay household.


In a remarkable coincidence, Jesse Ramsay shares his birthday with his father, Gordon Ramsay, and his older sister, Tilly Ramsay. Tilly, born on November 8, 2001, has stepped into the culinary world herself, becoming a chef. As for Jesse, only time will reveal if he’ll follow in his father’s culinary footsteps and carry on the Ramsay legacy, perhaps becoming the next famous personality to use the iconic phrase “idiot sandwich.”