What is the age difference between Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner?


Affluent and attractive individuals often gravitate toward others of similar status and appearance, so the emergence of romantic rumors surrounding Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner hardly shocked anyone.

Considered among the wealthiest and most striking personalities in Hollywood, their coupling appeared inevitable. While Chalamet’s rising stardom indicates a promising career ahead, it might take him a decade or more to approach Jenner’s impressive wealth. Yet, they undeniably match each other in physical allure. Both are celebrated for their striking appearances, captivating the screens with their charm, regardless of personal opinions about them. They undeniably make a visually appealing pair.

Though linked romantically for months, the confirmation of their relationship came only in September. Since then, their affiliation has become the prime talk in the realm of gossip. Fans, critics, and everyone in between have pondered the longevity of this union, leading to scrutinizing inquiries into every facet of their association, including their ages, backgrounds, and even Jenner’s children. Despite widespread speculation and thorough online investigations, little controversy has surfaced about their partnership, making theirs one of the less dramatic relationships in Hollywood.


Addressing concerns about their age difference, the initial cause for some to raise eyebrows when Jenner and Chalamet became an item, was the apparent disparity between them. Jenner being a mother of two from her relationship with rapper Travis Scott led many to assume she was considerably older than Chalamet. Additionally, Chalamet’s youthful appearance, likely to persist for some years, could mislead observers into believing he’s much younger than he actually is. Contrary to assumptions, the supposed age gap doesn’t exist as Jenner is younger than her status as a mother might suggest, and Chalamet is older than his youthful looks portray. Their age difference is less than two years, with Chalamet being the elder of the pair.

Chalamet turns 28 in December, while Jenner is presently 26. Their age gap remains at two years until Jenner celebrates her 27th birthday in August 2024. Typically, age gaps of less than five years are widely considered ordinary and unproblematic, alleviating any concerns about their relationship dynamics.