What is Taika Waititi’s net worth?


Taika Waititi stands as a versatile creative force in Hollywood, displaying an array of talents encompassing directing, comedy, screenwriting, acting, and producing. His extensive experience across these domains ensures a steady stream of opportunities in the entertainment industry, even though he’s associated with directing one of the most critically panned MCU movies to date.

His journey in entertainment spans over two decades, originating from his involvement in a comedy troupe back in 1999, touring through New Zealand and Australia. Transitioning from directing short films in the early 2000s, Waititi gained notable recognition for injecting fresh vitality into the Thor franchise with “Ragnarok,” followed by the subsequent polarizing installment, “Love and Thunder.”

Despite confessing on the Smartless podcast that his initial motive for directing the third Thor film was primarily financial, the success evidently reaped significant rewards, leading him to helm the fourth installment as well.


While Waititi receives criticism for the fourth Thor film, which did perform well financially, it’s important to acknowledge his prowess as a director. He’s credited with creating beloved films and accumulating substantial success and earnings through his inclination toward quirky and upbeat cinematic ventures. Over nearly 25 years in the industry, his financial achievements have been notable.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Taika Waititi’s current net worth hovers around $13 million, a sum largely influenced by the massive box office success of movies like “Thor: Ragnarok,” which grossed $854 million worldwide. Although he won’t be returning for Thor 5, anticipation surrounds his potential involvement in directing a Star Wars movie, adding to his already diverse portfolio of projects. Notably, he also serves as a producer for the acclaimed “What We Do in the Shadows” TV series.

Juggling multiple ongoing projects, Waititi’s career reflects resilience in the face of occasional setbacks, evident in his latest project receiving mixed reviews. In summary, his trajectory indicates a continued upward trajectory in the industry, both as a director and in terms of his financial standing, proving that he’s poised to further expand his net worth.