What is ‘RHONY’s Brynn Whitfield’s age?


Brynn Whitfield, one of the six new cast members of the rebooted 14th season of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” has emerged as a significant focal point, garnering considerable attention among fans of the reality show. There’s been a lot of curiosity about her age, given her prominent role in the series.

Born on February 8, 1987, Brynn Whitfield is currently 36 years old, as documented on The Real Housewives wiki page. In this latest season, she shares the distinction of being one of the youngest members alongside Erin Dana Lichy, both injecting a fresh perspective into the established cast.

Whitfield, a communications professional with a penchant for yoga and hosting dinner parties, has characterized herself as a “trophy wife in training.” She’s also hinted to People about the potential portrayal of being the new season’s “villain,” occasionally taking her jokes to the edge and striving for a lighthearted, fun presence.


In her own words, she expressed, “I’m gonna hide my tail. I wouldn’t say ‘villain,’ I think I’m just fun. Maybe a little bit. I’m fun. Like, you know, everyone don’t be so serious. Be chill.”

Following the cancellation of the 13th season due to a plethora of controversies, the decision was made to revamp the show by introducing a new cast. Season 14 faced initial criticism for deviating from its original 2008 theme and aiming to attract a younger audience. Despite the initial backlash, the reboot has proven successful and is now available for streaming in its entirety on Peacock.