What is Pedro Pascal’s dating history?


Pedro Pascal, renowned for his prominent role as Joel Miller in HBO’s post-apocalyptic series “The Last of Us,” has garnered immense fame both on and off-screen. Despite his widespread recognition and the public’s intense curiosity about his personal life, Pascal has diligently maintained a discreet profile, shielding his private affairs from the intrusive gaze of the media.

Addressing certain rumors, Pascal’s longtime friendship with Sarah Paulson remains strictly platonic, despite media speculation. Paulson, openly gay and in a relationship with actress Holland Taylor, maintains a close friendship with Pascal, dispelling any romantic rumors.

Regarding Pascal’s dating history, he has been linked with several co-stars over the years, albeit keeping his relationships largely under wraps. In the ’90s, Pascal reportedly had a romantic involvement with “Orange is the New Black” star Maria Dizzia after they appeared together on an episode of “Law & Order.” However, neither party publicly confirmed their relationship. The couple purportedly parted ways around 2011, and Dizzia has since married playwright Will Eno.


During his time on “Game of Thrones,” Pascal was rumored to be involved with co-star Lena Headey. The two were seen together publicly, sharing moments and posting photos on Instagram in 2014. Despite speculations about a potential serious relationship, nothing was officially confirmed, and Headey eventually married someone else.

Another rumored relationship involved Pascal and “The Mentalist” actress Robin Tunney in 2015. The duo, who reportedly met on screen, were seen together in public, including sushi dates and outings with Tunney’s child. However, like his previous relationships, the status and conclusion of their romance remained unconfirmed.

As of now, Pedro Pascal is reportedly single, not linked romantically to anyone. Known for dating co-stars, Pascal’s private life remains guarded, leaving fans and the media in the dark about his current relationship status or any potential love interests. Given his penchant for discretion, even if Pascal embarks on a new relationship, it is likely to remain undisclosed to the public eye.

As far as the public knows, Pascal is content being a bachelor, and there are no current relationship rumors circulating about him. Fans can only speculate about his romantic life and await updates, possibly tied to his next on-screen collaboration or leading role. Pascal’s commitment to privacy keeps the details of his personal life firmly under wraps, leaving the public waiting for any glimpses into his romantic endeavors.