What is Omegaverse? New BL anime explained!


The manga world has its quirks, and one such oddity is the Omegaverse trope. It’s an eccentric theme often found in BL manga and manhwa stories, featuring cis-gendered men becoming pregnant. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it has a dedicated following.

Recently, a captivating teaser for a “new Omegaverse” was released as part of Gush’s anniversary project. This caused a stir of excitement among BL and Omegaverse fans worldwide. However, it’s important to clarify some details about this project.

So, what exactly is Omegaverse? In Japanese manga and Korean manhwa, it presents an alternative universe where society is divided into three categories: alphas, betas, and omegas. Alphas are at the top, seen as prime specimens with physical prowess and intelligence. Omegas, on the other hand, are rare and often marginalized due to their perceived fragility as birth-givers. They’re typically portrayed with more depth than mere helplessness. Betas make up the rest of society, capable of birthing other betas and unaffected by pheromones, heat, or ruts.


Pheromones, heat, and ruts play a significant role in Omegaverse. Omegas and Alphas emit pheromones to attract their counterparts or signal their state of heat or rut. These elements add an intriguing dynamic to the stories.

In fanfiction, Omegaverse is often referred to as “ABO” (Alpha, Beta, Omega). While the concept may vary, it usually incorporates more animalistic traits, with a focus on wolf pack dynamics.

As for an Omegaverse anime, while Gush and RIRI are working on a project with Omegaverse elements, it won’t be a full-fledged episodic anime. The teaser showcases various manga stories serialized by Gush, including one about a (cat) boy forming a family and emitting pheromones. The project is described as a “short animation.”

While the prospect of a beautifully animated semi-Omegaverse was exciting, it appears to be limited in scope. This news might be disappointing for fans, but it’s not entirely unexpected. The world of BL and Omegaverse continues to offer unique and diverse storytelling within the manga realm.