What is Noah Schnapp’s net worth?


Noah Schnapp has indeed made a significant impact in the entertainment industry, especially with his breakout role in the immensely popular Netflix series “Stranger Things.” His success and earnings have soared due to his involvement in the show, along with other acting ventures and entrepreneurial pursuits.

As of recent estimates provided by Celebrity Net Worth, Noah Schnapp boasts a net worth of approximately $4 million. His financial status has been significantly influenced by his role in “Stranger Things.” While the exact figures are not publicly disclosed, it’s reported that Schnapp earned $25,000 per episode for the first season, $30,000 per episode for the second season, and a notable increase to $250,000 per episode for the third season. His earnings understandably rose in tandem with the show’s overwhelming success and popularity.

Beyond his acting career, Schnapp has diversified his revenue streams by venturing into YouTube. His channel, where he shares vlogs and lifestyle content, has garnered millions of views, contributing to his overall earnings. Additionally, Schnapp co-founded To Be Honest (TBH), a snacking company that has achieved mainstream success, further adding to his financial accomplishments.


While recent controversies might have stirred some debate and criticism around Schnapp, his professional achievements as an actor and entrepreneur have undeniably reached and impacted millions worldwide, allowing him to establish a strong foundation for his financial success.