What is Morgan Wallen’s new song?


Morgan Wallen has ignited excitement among fans with a tantalizing preview of his upcoming album, featuring a snippet of a yet-to-be-released song. This sneak peek comes after a hiatus since September 2023 when Wallen collaborated on the standalone single “Mawmaw’s House” with fellow country artist Thomas Rhett. With anticipation building for Wallen’s potential fourth album, let’s delve into the details of the singer’s recent teaser, including its speculated title and potential release date.

The title of Wallen’s teaser track appears to be “I Guess,” as indicated by the lyrics he sang in the clip and the caption he used when sharing it on Instagram. Furthermore, Wallen’s longtime tourmate and co-writer, Ernest, reinforced the term “I Guess” in the comments, making it a plausible title for the upcoming single.

Although it’s still in its demo phase, the minute-long snippet of “I Guess” showcases a quintessential country sound, eschewing some of the pop styles Wallen explored in his recent releases. Lyrically, the song delves into Wallen’s reflections on the breakdown of a relationship, a familiar theme for the musician, exploring the roles he and alcohol played in the breakup.


While the identity of the song’s lyricists remains undisclosed, Wallen has collaborated with songwriters such as Ernest, Brett Tyler, and Kelly Archer in the past. Comments from fellow artists, including Parker McCollum and Randy Houser, express admiration for “I Guess,” suggesting anticipation and excitement among Wallen’s peers.

As of now, Wallen has not announced an official release date for “I Guess.” Considering that his third album, “One Thing At A Time,” was released in March 2023, it is reasonable to assume that new music is on the horizon. Wallen’s upcoming headline tour, commencing in April with stadium shows across North America, may provide a timeline for new releases. With the tour concluding in August, Wallen could potentially mark the end of the “One Thing At A Time” era and usher in a new musical direction with fresh singles. In the meantime, fans eagerly await updates while replaying the tantalizing one-minute teaser of “I Guess.”