What is Matt Rife’s ‘Don’t Suck’ about?


Matt Rife’s career trajectory has been a whirlwind journey marked by highs and lows.

Between 2021 and 2023, Rife experienced a meteoric rise to fame, propelled primarily by a substantial female fanbase. However, his career took a sharp downturn when he made a regrettable decision at the start of his Netflix special. Commencing with a joke about domestic violence, an outdated and insensitive choice, severely backfired, alienating the very fans who initially contributed to his success and leading to a significant decline in his popularity.

Despite this setback, Rife’s past success has secured his involvement in multiple projects, conceived during the peak of his popularity, that are yet to be released. One of these upcoming projects, “Don’t Suck,” has already stirred mixed opinions online.


“Don’t Suck” delves into the tale of a struggling comedian named Pete, portrayed by Jamie Kennedy, who pins his aspirations on a gimmicky comic (Rife) doubling as a vampire. The film seems to blend comedic elements with supernatural twists, resembling a fusion of Renfield with a lukewarm comedy special. Although the initial impressions from the trailer might not showcase Rife’s best acting abilities, audiences might form their own judgments when the movie hits theaters on December 1, 2023.

While the title itself serves as a subtle play on words, hinting at the film’s comedic premise and supernatural elements, the anticipation surrounding “Don’t Suck” is mixed. Some remain cautiously optimistic, hoping the film surpasses expectations, while others are wary based on initial impressions. Ultimately, the audience will decide the fate of the film once it’s officially released.