What is Lukas Gage’s net worth in 2023?


The marriage between Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage, which lasted a mere six months, has taken a nosedive, leading the couple to the brink of divorce. Despite their initial engagement and quick wedding ceremonies at the start of 2023, the couple officially announced their decision to split in mid-November. The reasons for their impending divorce remain undisclosed, leaving room for speculation, whether it’s the speed at which their relationship developed or their significant age difference.

Regardless of the underlying reasons, Appleton and Gage are expected to finalize their divorce proceedings within the next few months. Given their considerable wealth, the couple may speedily navigate their separation process, as financial resources often facilitate such legal procedures. Both Appleton and Gage possess substantial financial worth, which might streamline the divorce process, although the more affluent partner could still face a considerable financial hit, given the typically high costs associated with divorces, particularly among wealthy individuals.

Despite a noticeable age gap of 12 years between Gage and Appleton, the assumption that the older partner, Appleton, might have a more substantial income isn’t accurate, according to available data on their net worths.

Various estimates suggest that both Appleton and Gage have relatively similar net worths, falling within the range of $2 to $5 million. While Gage’s involvement in high-profile projects like “White Lotus” and “Euphoria” likely promises a higher earning potential compared to Appleton, both individuals currently hold comparable net worths within the same bracket.

This parallel financial status should result in a relatively equitable distribution of assets following the dissolution of their short-lived marriage, supported by the prenuptial agreement both parties previously signed. Such financial safeguards could alleviate some of the financial strains commonly associated with divorces, providing a small silver lining amid the turmoil of their separation.