What Is Krysten Ritter Up To After Her Breaking Bad Exit?


Krysten Ritter’s stint on “Breaking Bad” may have been relatively short, spanning just nine episodes, but her portrayal of Jane Margolis, Jesse Pinkman’s girlfriend, played a pivotal role in the narrative. In Season 2, their characters grappled with heroin addiction, and the moment Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, stumbled upon Jane’s fatal overdose proved to be a pivotal turning point for both Jesse and Walt.

The impact of filming Jane’s overdose extended beyond the set for Ritter. She revealed that the gravity of the character’s demise truly hit her during the shooting. Ritter described the experience as intense and unforgettable. This role marked a significant breakthrough for the model-turned-actress, especially since it was the first time her character had such a driving influence on the storyline.

Even after her departure, Ritter remained engaged with “Breaking Bad,” following the series until its finale in 2013. She expressed feeling included in the show’s legacy despite no longer being a part of the cast. Although Jane met her end in 2009, it opened doors to exciting opportunities in the entertainment industry.


Following her departure from “Breaking Bad,” Ritter explored lighter genres. She took on the role of Patty, the sharp-witted best friend in the studio comedy “She’s Out of My League” (2010). Ritter acknowledged that, at that point, she was simply grateful for the work, but she also emphasized that she didn’t want to be pigeonholed into the “professional best friend” category.

In 2012, Ritter assumed the lead role in the ABC sitcom “Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23,” portraying Chloe, a bold urbanite who becomes roommates with a wide-eyed Midwesterner. Ritter embraced the character’s complexity, celebrating her edginess and dynamism. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled in 2013 after two seasons, marking a significant professional disappointment for Ritter.

In 2015, Ritter landed the titular role in Netflix’s Marvel series “Jessica Jones,” which ran for three seasons before being discontinued in 2019. Despite its premature ending, Ritter found creative satisfaction in the show’s character-driven narrative and appreciated that it didn’t neatly tie up all loose ends. She expressed contentment with the conclusion and indicated she was ready to move on from the character.

Ritter’s return to the screen in April 2023 saw her in the role of Sherry Clecker in the HBO Max true crime mini-series “Love & Death.” She relished this opportunity, particularly because her character provided moments of comic relief even in darker scenes, underscoring her versatility as an actress.