What is Jewelry Bonney’s disease in ‘One Piece?’


In the world of One Piece, Jewelry Bonney’s disease is known as “Sapphire Scale.” This illness causes blue gem-like lesions or scales to develop on the skin of the infected person. Individuals afflicted with Sapphire Scale must limit their exposure to sunlight as sun rays accelerate the progression of the disease.

The origins of this disease are intertwined with Bonney’s backstory. It was revealed that Kuma, a childhood friend and love interest, had a friend named Ginny who was kidnapped and forced into marriage by an unnamed Celestial Dragon. Subsequently, Ginny developed Sapphire Scale and eventually gave birth to Bonney before succumbing to the illness.

During her youth, Bonney began displaying symptoms similar to her mother’s disease, manifesting small sapphire-like lesions on her skin. Kuma, trying to comfort her, referred to these scales as her “jewelry,” which later inspired her name.


Kuma searched for a doctor knowledgeable about Sapphire Scale, who informed him that the disease would progress fatally even without sun exposure, predicting that Bonney might not survive beyond her 10th birthday due to the illness. Despite this grim prognosis, Bonney is older than 12 in the storyline and seemingly unaffected by the disease, sparking theories that her Devil Fruit power or Kuma’s influence might have played a role in her survival. However, these explanations remain speculative, and the truth behind Bonney’s current state remains a mystery in the series.

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