What is Jewelry Bonney’s Devil Fruit in ‘One Piece?’


Jewelry Bonney, the sole female pirate in the Worst Generation, possesses a Devil Fruit known as the Age-Age Fruit, classified as a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit. This fruit grants her the remarkable ability to manipulate not only her own age but also the ages of other individuals.

At first glance, the Age-Age Fruit might seem straightforward in its functionality. Bonney showcases her power by altering her own age, seamlessly transforming into either a younger or older version of herself as per her needs and objectives in various situations.

However, the true potency of this fruit emerges when Bonney utilizes it against her adversaries. She can rapidly age her opponents, inflicting debilitating effects by swiftly turning them into elderly and feeble beings. The ability even extends to the point of momentarily inducing a near-death experience in her targets.


Conversely, Bonney possesses the capability to regress her opponents back to infancy, leaving them defenseless and entirely vulnerable in combat. Despite retaining their memories and cognitive abilities, they are defenseless against an opponent in the prime of life. Yet, like many Devil Fruits, the Age-Age Fruit has its limitations and weaknesses.

One significant drawback is the impermanence of its effects. The alterations in age caused by the fruit are temporary, eventually reverting individuals back to their original age. Moreover, the efficacy of the fruit heavily relies on Bonney’s emotional state, as demonstrated during the Egghead arc when an emotional reaction triggered by a Pacifista resembling her father caused her to unconsciously manipulate the ages of those around her.

Although formidable, the Age-Age Fruit’s power is contingent on its correct and strategic use. Bonney displays intelligence and cunning in employing her abilities, such as when she pretended to be Zoro’s younger sister during an encounter with Saint Charlos. However, intriguingly, her true age remains shrouded in mystery, leaving fans to wonder if this detail will ever be unveiled in the narrative.