What is Jacob Elordi’s age


In the current social media landscape, it’s virtually impossible to scroll through platforms without encountering a flood of content featuring Jacob Elordi. However, it’s hard to complain considering his towering six-foot-five stature, impressive physique, and undeniable attractiveness that dominate our feeds.

His rise to fame began with standout performances as Noah Flynn in Netflix’s The Kissing Booth trilogy, where his on-screen chemistry with co-star Joey King mirrored their off-screen connection. Alongside this, his portrayal of Nate Jacobs in HBO’s Euphoria further solidified his growing success. Recent roles in films like Priscilla and Saltburn, both released in 2023, continue to bolster his prominence in the industry.

As Elordi’s presence expands across social media and our screens, curiosity about the Australian actor peaks. Enquiries about his upbringing, family background, and especially his towering height flood discussions.


Among the frequently asked questions, his age stands out, intriguing fans invested in The Kissing Booth trilogy, Euphoria, Priscilla, or Saltburn. The burning question remains: just how old is Jacob Elordi?

Delving into the depths of the internet, it’s revealed that Jacob Elordi was born on June 26, 1997, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, marking him as a Cancer astrologically. In the current year of 2023, Elordi stands at 26 years old.

Interestingly, despite his real age, some of his most notable roles, such as Noah Flynn in The Kissing Booth trilogy and Nate Jacobs in Euphoria, portray him as a high school student, showcasing his ability to convincingly embody younger characters.

The looming question remains whether Elordi’s roles will evolve and mature as the burgeoning superstar continues to grow older. Only time will unfold the trajectory of his acting career, hinting at the potential for more diverse and mature roles in the years to come.