What is Hiromi Higuruma’s cursed technique in ‘Jujutsu Kaisen?’


In the myriad array of cursed techniques and domains prevalent within Jujutsu Kaisen, each bearing its distinct style, Hiromi Higuruma’s technique emerges as notably peculiar and captivating.

It’s important to note that this acknowledgment doesn’t seek to diminish the wild and diverse techniques wielded by other sorcerers in the series. If one were to attempt to compile a list of the bizarre abilities showcased, names like Fumihiko Takaba or Naobito Zenin, with their peculiar and impressive techniques, would promptly come to mind. They too hold their own in terms of uniqueness and prowess. However, for a faction of fans, Higuruma’s ability holds a distinctive allure.

Initially introduced as an antagonist during the Culling Game arc, this character swiftly garnered favor among fans, primarily owing to his personality and innate aptitude for sorcery. His eventual transition to becoming an ally of Yuji Itadori further cemented his popularity. Within a mere fortnight of gaining the capacity to develop a cursed technique, Higuruma managed to escalate his power to match that of a Grade 1 sorcerer, a feat not attainable by everyone. Naturally, such a potent character comes equipped with a robust technique and domain, ones that author Gege Akutami fearlessly employs to great effect.


The mechanics behind Higuruma’s cursed technique are intriguing. While the precise name of his technique remains undisclosed, it is intricately entwined with his domain expansion known as Deadly Sentencing. In essence, this technique grants him the capability to summon a specific shikigami named Judgeman, one of the most formidable entities in the series.

As ardent followers of the series have witnessed, Higuruma’s domain manifests as a courtroom, a setting impeccably suitable for someone with a legal background. Within this domain, physical aggression finds no sanction, and everyone is compelled to abide by its regulations, which Higuruma dutifully explicates to the accused. Assuming the role of the prosecutor, Higuruma endeavors to persuade Judgeman of the defendant’s guilt for the alleged crime.

Naturally, the shikigami assumes the position of the judge in this unique courtroom, endowed with the authority to acquit or pass sentence upon the accused. Once the trial commences, Judgeman presents evidence for consideration, affording both Higuruma and the defendant an opportunity to present their respective statements. As in any judicial proceeding, the defendant may opt to confess, deny the accusation, or maintain silence.

Despite possessing comprehensive knowledge of the individuals within the domain, Judgeman refrains from divulging everything to Higuruma and ensures it doesn’t influence his judgment. Verdicts are solely derived from the interaction between the prosecutor and the defendant. Should the accused be deemed guilty, Judgeman reserves the right to confiscate their ability to wield cursed energy or impose a death penalty, contingent upon the gravity of the offense. Should a death sentence be rendered, Higuruma’s gravel metamorphoses into the Executioner’s Sword, and he retains the discretion to execute the sentence or not.