What is Carson Daly’s net worth?


Carson Daly has been a fixture on American television for years, known for his roles as a television host, producer, and radio personality. He gained widespread recognition as a video jockey on MTV’s Total Request Live and later for his hosting duties on NBC’s The Voice, as well as being a Feature Anchor on Today. Additionally, Daly has made a mark as a Hollywood producer and has appeared in various screen roles.

His extensive work in hosting and producing television programs has significantly contributed to his substantial net worth. As of 2023, Carson Daly’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $40 million. A major portion of his income is derived from his roles on NBC programs. For his hosting duties on The Voice and as a Feature Anchor on the Today show, Daly commands an annual salary of $5 million each, totaling an annual income of $10 million just from these NBC programs.

Apart from his television work, Daly hosted his own radio show, “Carson Daly’s Most Requested,” from 2001 to 2006, reportedly earning $1 million upfront and a share of the profits. His real estate investments also significantly contribute to his wealth. Daly owns two homes: one in Long Island, New York, purchased in 2013 for $6.5 million, and another in Santa Monica, California, consisting of two adjacent houses combined into one property. These properties, valued at around $20 million combined, substantially add to Daly’s overall net worth.


His ongoing hosting duties on The Voice, which is currently in its 24th season airing since September 2023, continue to bolster his income and fame. Daly’s multifaceted career across television, radio, and real estate investments has solidified his position not just as a popular television personality but also as one of the wealthiest in the industry, with a fortune that continues to thrive.