What illness does ‘The Last of Us’ star Bella Ramsey have?


Bella Ramsey, known for their roles as the fierce Lyanna Mormont in Game of Thrones and the beloved Ellie in The Last of Us, is widely regarded as one of the most talented young actors in the industry today. Their portrayal of Ellie, a 14-year-old Cordyceps-immune orphan, in The Last of Us garnered them immense recognition and fame, solidifying their status as a rising star.

Sharing the screen with fellow Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal, who plays Joe Miller, Ramsey’s exceptional performance has earned them a devoted fan following.

In January 2023, at the age of 19, Ramsey bravely came out as nonbinary, a significant step in their personal journey. In an interview with The New York Times, they expressed their preference for being seen simply as a person, emphasizing that gendered labels aren’t something they particularly identify with. However, they emphasized that pronouns are of little concern to them.


Behind the scenes, Ramsey has faced personal struggles, particularly regarding their mental and physical well-being. On World Mental Health Day in 2018, they candidly shared on Twitter that they had been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder characterized by severe food restriction often leading to dangerous levels of weight loss. Ramsey’s openness about their experience sheds light on the challenges they have overcome.

Their battle with anorexia was disclosed when they decided not to continue their role in the fourth series of The Worst Witch, a decision that led to their replacement by Lydia Page. Ramsey later revealed that they had been grappling with this eating disorder during the show’s first series. In an interview with Elle, they clarified that while it had been publicized as a departure for mental health reasons, they had actually made the decision because they had made significant progress in addressing their mental health concerns.

Ramsey shared that their struggle with anorexia persisted for several years, even reaching a point where counseling seemed ineffective. Ultimately, it was their faith in Christianity and religious beliefs that played a pivotal role in their recovery.

Reflecting on their journey, Ramsey conveyed an empowering message, stating that while there may not always be a definitive answer to mental health struggles, there is always a path forward and a glimmer of hope, no matter how faint it may seem.

Ramsey’s resilience and willingness to share their story has served as an inspiration for many. As their popularity continues to soar, fans eagerly anticipate seeing them in future projects, eager to witness their talent and grace on screen once again.