‘What If…?’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap!


In the fourth episode of “What If…? Season 2,” titled “What If… Iron Man Crashed Into the Grandmaster?” the Watcher delves into the story of Gamora’s rise to becoming a part of the Guardians of the Multiverse. The narrative, however, starts within Tony Stark’s universe and ventures into new territories while being a continuation of Season 1’s ongoing narratives.

In this alternate reality, Tony successfully averts the nuclear warhead aimed at New York but gets stranded in space after the wormhole closes behind him. He crash-lands on Sakaar in the Grandmaster’s palace. The Grandmaster, excited to meet the famed “Mr. Metal Mojo Man,” insists Tony stays for a celebratory party despite Tony’s longing to return home. However, when a race turns deadly in the battle arena, Tony intervenes, only to encounter Gamora, who seeks revenge against him.

Amidst their clash, Tony and Gamora find themselves imprisoned together but are joined by Korg, preventing any romantic novel tropes from unfolding. Gamora, a daughter of Thanos, attempts to kill Tony, leading to a confrontation where Tony learns that Thanos orchestrated the Chitauri’s attack. Driven by anger and fueled by Gamora’s revelation, Tony confronts the corrupt Grandmaster and decides to take on Thanos.


As Tony aims to stop the Grandmaster and ultimately confront Thanos, Gamora assists him despite their initial conflict. Their alliance culminates in a race challenge between Tony and the Grandmaster, showcasing a blend of Mad Max and Mario Kart elements. Ultimately, Tony wins, but the Grandmaster’s interference complicates matters until Gamora, teaming up with Tony, aids in taking down Thanos.

While the episode centers on Gamora’s transformative journey, it primarily unfolds through Tony’s perspective. The transition in Gamora’s mindset, from identifying solely as Thanos’s daughter to asserting her own identity, feels slightly rushed and lacks substantial exploration within the episode.

The Watcher’s assertion that this is primarily about Gamora’s evolution to a Guardian of the Multiverse might be somewhat overstated, as the pivotal moments of her transformation occur off-screen. Despite its narrative twists and turns, the episode predominantly revolves around Tony Stark, with Gamora’s character arc somewhat understated and underdeveloped.

“What If…? Season 2 Episode 4” delivers an intriguing storyline but falls short in fully exploring Gamora’s transformation, relying more on Tony Stark’s perspective within the alternate universe.