What happens to Scabrous Scrotus between ‘Furiosa’ and ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’?


As a precursor to the adrenaline-fueled chaos of Mad Max: Fury Road, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga brings back familiar faces while introducing new characters, including Immortan Joe’s youngest son, Scabrous Scrotus, portrayed by Josh Helman.

In Furiosa, Scrotus is depicted as a volatile warlord of the Citadel, advocating for his father to wage war against Dementus and his Biker Horde. Often seen alongside his larger brother, Rictus Erectus, Scrotus’s absence in Fury Road left fans questioning his fate, a question intriguingly answered in the Mad Max video game released in 2015.

In the game, developed by Avalanche Studios, players assume the role of Max Rockatansky, who confronts Scrotus and his band of War Boys after they steal his iconic Interceptor. Seeking revenge, Max traverses the Wastelands, encountering insights into Immortan Joe’s dominion, despite the villain’s looming presence.


Initially considered a spinoff with loose ties to the film series, the Mad Max game gained significance with Furiosa’s release, becoming the crucial link between the prequel and Fury Road concerning Scabrous Scrotus. Although never officially designated as canon, Furiosa’s exploration of Scrotus’s character in conjunction with the game’s narrative lends credence to its canonical status.

Furiosa delves into the intricate power dynamics of the Citadel and its vassal settlements like the Bullet Farm and Gas Town. A significant backstory unfolds as Furiosa reveals the siege of Gas Town by Dementus and his Biker Horde, leading to a power struggle with Immortan Joe.

Despite Dementus’s eventual capture by Furiosa, Gas Town remains a contested territory, with Scrotus emerging as its ruler in the events depicted in the Mad Max game. This narrative continuity offers a plausible succession line for Gas Town, aligning with Scrotus’s control following Dementus’s downfall.

The game’s events, culminating in Max’s confrontation with Scrotus, solidify its place as a canonical bridge to Fury Road, where Scrotus’s absence suggests his demise. With Warner Bros. Discovery overseeing distribution rights for both Miller’s Mad Max movies and the spinoff game, the integration of every narrative piece ensures coherence within the franchise.

While no official announcement has declared the game’s events canon, the substantial presence of Scrotus in Furiosa implies a narrative alignment, suggesting a deliberate effort to weave a cohesive storyline across different mediums. As the Mad Max universe expands, fans can expect a seamless integration of characters and events, offering a deeper understanding of this post-apocalyptic world.