What happens to Nel from ‘Bleach?’


“Bleach” primarily centers around Ichigo Kurosaki, a human who transitions into the role of a substitute Soul Reaper, engaging in battles against adversaries of diverse natures, ranging from mortal to immortal. Along his journey, Ichigo forges numerous alliances, and Nelliel Tu Odelschwank, affectionately known as Nel, emerges as a cherished character in both the manga and the anime TV series. Now, let’s delve into Nel’s storyline and her fate in the world of “Bleach.”

Nel’s narrative takes a significant turn when she falls from grace as an Espada, an esteemed group of Arrancar with formidable power, originally serving under Sōsuke Aizen’s command during his war. Nnoitora Gilga’s betrayal results in Nel’s grievous injuries and her subsequent plummet from Las Noches, leading to her transformation back into a child-like form.

In her adult incarnation, Nel possesses a versatile array of abilities. As a former Espada, she wields exceptional proficiency in swordsmanship and excels in hand-to-hand combat. Her mastery of Sonido enables her to move with exceptional speed, a skill that Kisuke Urahara entrusts to her for critical rescue missions.


Moreover, Nel exhibits augmented strength, enabling her to engage in combat with oversized weaponry and deliver powerful blows that propel her adversaries across vast distances. Her unique Reiatsu manifests as a distinctive pink hue, indicative of her potent spiritual energy.

But what becomes of Nel as the “Bleach” saga progresses? Contrary to early rumors of her demise, Nel resolutely persists in the anime’s storyline. In the final arc of the manga, she thrives in Hueco Mundo, the dimension situated between the Human World and Soul Society, inhabited by Hollows and Arrancar. Here, she remains a vital ally alongside Orihime, Chad, and Harribel’s faction, contributing significantly to the ongoing battles against formidable foes.

Nel’s last appearance in the anime sees her selflessly entering Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s perilous death bubble to rescue Urahara, Grimjoww, and Yoruichi. Unbeknownst to her, Urahara discreetly excludes Nel from his strategies to gain an edge over Askin. While her return isn’t depicted in the anime thereafter, she does make a notable appearance in the concluding arc of the “Bleach” manga.

Beyond the manga and anime, Nel resurfaces in the “Thousand Year Blood War Arc,” the culminating chapter of the “Bleach” series, which was serialized from 2012 to 2016. In this arc, Ichigo unveils his Quincy heritage and confronts the formidable Quincy King, Ywach, aided by allies like Ishida. Nel’s unexpected arrival during Ichigo’s patrol of Karakura Town sets the stage for further developments.

As the narrative progresses, Nelliel, now an adult, reenters the fray, exhibiting her enhanced capabilities. An armband crafted by Urahara empowers her to freely shift between her adult and child forms, though uncertainties linger about her potential return to her former state.

In a pivotal moment, Nelliel observes the collapse of Askin Nakk Le Vaar’s Gift Bereich, an event Urahara had foreseen. Undaunted, she contemplates the challenge of removing four souls from the collapsing structure. Her determination to reunite with Ichigo propels her into action.

Moreover, fans of “Bleach” can experience more of Nel in the video game “Bleach: Brave Souls.” Here, she is a playable character in various forms, showcasing her prowess as a ranged combatant with the Shinigami Killer ability. Players can unleash a devastating special attack, “Hayate no Kemono,” wherein Nel charges towards her opponent, unleashing a Cero blast capable of inflicting immense damage.

For those eager to relive or discover the “Bleach” saga, episodes are available for streaming on platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll, ensuring fans can delve into Nel’s compelling journey and the larger world of “Bleach.”