What happened to Ymir in ‘Attack on Titan’?


In Attack on Titan, there are numerous enigmatic figures who play pivotal roles in the storyline, despite not receiving much initial focus. One such character is Ymir Fritz. Information about Ymir Fritz is scant at first, but her actions significantly shape the course of events throughout the series.

Ymir Fritz holds the distinction of being the progenitor of all Titans, being the very first Titan in history. However, the circumstances leading to her acquisition of this power differ considerably from the usual means by which individuals gain Titan abilities.

It’s worth noting that Ymir Fritz is not the sole bearer of this name. A young Eldian girl also assumed the name Ymir before inheriting the Jaw Titan. However, if you’re here, it’s likely you’re interested in the original Ymir.


If you haven’t completed Attack on Titan, it’s advisable to do so before proceeding, as later revelations unveil a wealth of information about both Ymir Fritz’s background. However, if you’re open to spoilers, here’s a comprehensive overview.

Ultimately, Ymir Fritz met her demise while shielding King Fritz from an assassination attempt. However, her passing was not as straightforward as it may seem. She found herself wandering an desolate expanse for eternity until Eren Jaeger arrived and liberated her.

Ymir’s journey commenced as a young girl, after Eldians invaded her home village, resulting in the murder of her parents. Following this tragedy, Ymir released the pigs from their pen and was condemned by King Fritz for her actions.

Fleeing, Ymir sought refuge within a colossal tree that possessed an opening at its base. Unbeknownst to her, she inadvertently stumbled into a sinkhole and fell into a pool of peculiar liquid. While submerged, a peculiar bug-like creature merged with Ymir, giving rise to the very first Titan.

Subsequently, Ymir served as a soldier under King Fritz, even bearing three children with him. Upon her demise, her offspring were compelled to consume her remains in order to inherit her Titan powers. This macabre act is what led to the emergence of the Nine Great Titans.


What happened with the other Ymir in ‘Attack on Titan’?

Ymir is also the name of the Jaw Titan who belonged to the 104th Training Corps alongside Eren Jaeger and the central cast of characters. Ultimately, Ymir was transported from Paradis Island back to Marley. Later on, she permitted the brother of Marcel Galliard, the individual she devoured to assume the Jaw Titan power, to consume her and claim the power for himself.

Ymir bore a tragic past, enduring mistreatment due to being an Eldian descendant named after the revered Ymir Fritz. She suffered physical abuse in the streets before being exiled to Paradis Island. As a Titan on Paradis Island, it wasn’t until she encountered Marcel Galliard and consumed him that she regained her humanity, which she then utilized to conceal herself within the walls.