What Happened To Suits Star Rick Hoffman?


Rick Hoffman had quite the journey post-“Suits.” Following the conclusion of the show, he delved into various roles and projects that showcased his versatility as an actor.

Initially, after the conclusion of “Suits,” Hoffman reprised his role as Louis Litt in a cameo for the “Suits” spin-off “Pearson.” Although there were considerations for a Louis Litt-centered spin-off, that particular idea didn’t materialize.

However, Hoffman transitioned smoothly into another notable series, “Billions,” in which he portrayed Dr. Swerlow. His entry into the show came through Dave Costabile, a co-star from “Suits,” who directed an episode of “Billions” and recommended Hoffman for a recurring role. Initially hesitant about the part, Hoffman eventually embraced it, leading to the expansion of his character beyond the initially planned single episode.


Despite his success on “Billions,” Hoffman didn’t forget his roots and expressed a fondness for “Suits,” acknowledging its irreplaceable significance in his career.

In a surprising twist, Hoffman also ventured into horror films, working with director Eli Roth. After a memorable role in Roth’s “Hostel,” which influenced Roth’s creative choices for the sequel, Hoffman landed a significant part in Roth’s seasonal horror film “Thanksgiving.” The movie’s promotions, including posts on Instagram, hailed Hoffman’s performance, emphasizing his impact in the film.

To add to the fun, Hoffman took to Instagram, showcasing his trademark humor reminiscent of Louis Litt’s persona, referencing co-star Patrick Dempsey’s recognition as People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in a playful way to promote the film’s release.

Overall, Rick Hoffman’s post-“Suits” journey involved diverse roles across different genres, showcasing his range as an actor while staying connected to his roots in the entertainment industry.