What happened to Stephen Colbert?


The era of Stephen Colbert fearlessly delivering “truthiness” on Comedy Central seems like a bygone age. Back then, even a ruptured appendix wouldn’t deter him from gracing the airwaves. But today’s Colbert is a different story – laid low, sans appendix, temporarily unable to grace The Late Show’s stage. The recent hiatus during the week of Nov. 27, 2023, stemmed from this seemingly innocuous, vestigial bit of gut tissue, now ruptured and causing trouble for the talk show host.

It’s not the first time health issues have sidelined Colbert. Just two months earlier, in mid-October, he battled COVID-19, resulting in another week-long hiatus for The Late Show. This recent cancellation was especially disappointing considering the lineup of esteemed guests, including Patrick Stewart and Kelsey Grammer, alongside Colbert’s former band leader, Jon Batiste, who departed the show in 2022 to explore new endeavors.

Assuring fans via social media, Colbert expressed his regrets for the unexpected break and extended his gratitude to his medical team for their care, as well as to his family for their support during this trying time.


Injecting a bit of humor into the situation, Colbert quipped about his future emails being redirected to his pancreas – a subtle nod to his characteristic wit, albeit not the kind of punchline you’d expect on Late Night, but still appreciated.