What happened to Sara Al Madani from ‘Real Housewives of Dubai?’


The emergence of The Real Housewives of Dubai marks a groundbreaking moment in reality television, setting a precedent that is likely to usher in a new era of similar shows. The inaugural season garnered immense popularity among fans, and although a renewal is yet to be confirmed, devoted followers of the franchise remain optimistic about its return for a second season.

Regardless of the show’s future, the women who rose to prominence in The Real Housewives of Dubai have undoubtedly achieved widespread recognition, transforming from relatively unknown figures within their circles of influence to household names. Dr. Sara Al Madani, in particular, emerged as one of the standout Housewives in the debut season, captivating audiences with her charismatic presence. After a hiatus of over a year from our screens, fans are eager to catch up on the latest endeavors of this accomplished businesswoman.

At 33 years old, Sara Al Madani is a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of thriving businesses. Notably, she is associated with successful beauty brands like Ficks and Kind & Co. Her foray into the world of fashion has further solidified her status as a noteworthy figure to watch. Additionally, her role as the youngest board member in the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry speaks volumes about her influence and impact in the business realm. Her inclusion in RHOD serves as yet another testament to her formidable presence in various domains.


The Real Housewives franchise is notorious for keeping its fans in suspense, often withholding renewal announcements even as subsequent seasons are in production. The same anticipation surrounds the eleventh iteration of the franchise, including The Real Housewives of Dubai. Fans have already caught glimpses of the cast with a filming crew in Indonesia, leading many to believe that a second season is in the works.

This implies that viewers can look forward to seeing more of Sara Al Madani on their screens in the near future. Even before her return in the potential second season of RHOD, avid supporters can keep track of the twists and turns of her life through her active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. Here, she shares updates about her businesses, as well as imparts valuable advice and inspiration to her followers. Remarkably, she manages to maintain consistent engagement even while overseeing multiple ventures. It is likely here that we will receive updates on whether she will grace Dubai for another round in the series.