What Happened To Robin Roberts?


Robin Roberts has become an integral part of many people’s morning routines as a co-anchor on “Good Morning America” (GMA). Viewers tune in daily to watch her and her colleagues break down the news. However, when Roberts returned to the show with a medical wrap around her arm after a brief absence, fans were curious about what had happened. The mystery was soon explained.

During a segment on padel tennis, her co-host George Stephanopoulos humorously referenced her injury. According to People, he teased, “I don’t want you to get upset seeing that tennis on the screen. I know you had a little spill this weekend.” Playing along, Roberts joked, “Oh, no no. You should’ve seen the other guy! I mean, I tried to uppercut.” She later confirmed that she had fallen on the tennis court, resulting in a broken wrist and some time off work.

Roberts shared details of the incident with her followers on social media. In an Instagram video, she explained, “All my years of being a competitive athlete, my first fracture and hopefully my last one as well.” Despite the injury, Roberts remained in high spirits, buoyed by an outpouring of support from viewers and friends.


Over her years on air, Robin Roberts has garnered a lot of love and trust from her audience. When news of her injury spread, she received hundreds of messages wishing her a speedy recovery. One fan commented on her Instagram post, “Good morning Robin, sorry to see you had an accident. Get well soon.” Others shared their own experiences with similar injuries, offering prayers and encouragement. One user wrote, “Me too … right arm, pickleball court, 2023! But God brought me so much insight through my recovery, and … I’m back on the court! Now, I am much more cautious, more grateful, more tenacious (if possible), and appreciative of what He has done for me!!! Prayers for you, Robin.”

Roberts’ brief absence from “GMA” was felt not only by viewers but also by her colleagues. Fellow anchor Rebecca Jarvis expressed her happiness at Roberts’ return, commenting, “Love to see you back @robinrobertsgma.” Despite her wrist fracture affecting her daily life, Roberts remained undeterred, buoyed by the well wishes she received.


Robin Roberts is in good spirits

Robin Roberts has faced various challenges in her life, but she continues to maintain a positive outlook. In early May 2024, she humorously noted that both she and her wife, Amber Laign, were injured at the same time while attending a significant event. She posted on Instagram, “Sweet Amber & I are both on the mend but not stopping us from traveling to Houston for special night benefitting @mdandersoncancercenter.” In the photo, Laign had a bandage wrapped around her finger, although the cause of her injury was not specified.

Roberts has continued to appear on “GMA” with her trademark cheerfulness, despite her injury. She has even coordinated her wrist brace with her outfits, demonstrating her positive attitude. The base of the brace is navy blue, but the straps are changed daily to match her attire. For instance, in one Instagram post, she wore a bright orange dress with matching orange straps on her brace. In another post, she donned a dark purple blouse with white pants, and the brace straps were purple to complement her top. Roberts is clearly making the most of her situation and continues to inspire with her resilience and positive spirit.