What Happened To Ned’s Declassified Star Devon Werkheiser?


Devon Werkheiser, known for his role as Ned Bigby on “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” experienced a shift in his career trajectory post-Nickelodeon. Despite the show’s popularity and his cherished portrayal of the upbeat teen offering tips for navigating middle school life, Werkheiser encountered difficulties finding substantial acting roles in Hollywood.

Initially hopeful that the immense love for “Ned’s Declassified” might spark interest in a reboot, Werkheiser ultimately found himself exploring different paths. He revealed that former co-star Rob Pinkston, who played Coconut Head on the show, inspired him to pursue a different avenue within the entertainment industry. However, transitioning careers didn’t provide the expected financial stability, leading Werkheiser to take up a regular 9-to-5 job, a reality he candidly discussed on “NickRewind.”

Following his departure from the show, Werkheiser embraced new interests, notably learning to play the guitar influenced by Pinkston and crew members. His musical talent led to a record deal with Universal Motown, but despite the opportunity, he struggled to find his artistic identity and eventually parted ways with the label without releasing any music. Nevertheless, he independently produced and released his EP titled “I Am” in 2013, continuing to pursue music. In a significant turn, Werkheiser landed an opening gig for singer Seal in 2019, an experience that both challenged and honed his performance skills.


Despite intermittent acting gigs and his music endeavors, Werkheiser faced financial strains roughly a decade after “Ned’s Declassified” concluded. Consequently, he worked at the front desk of an Equinox gym to make ends meet. His encounters with fellow actor Terry Crews, a former co-star from the film “Where’s the Money,” at the gym highlighted the challenges of balancing past success with current circumstances.

Throughout his career ups and downs, Werkheiser endeavored to sharpen his acting skills, taking classes in hopes of landing roles that could match the iconic status of his character, Ned Bigby. Eventually, he found himself delving back into the world of “Ned’s Declassified” through the “Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide,” which he launched in 2023 alongside former co-stars Lindsey Shaw and Daniel Curtis Lee. Werkheiser and Shaw, who portrayed Moze on the show, had a romantic relationship during filming and afterward, which they candidly discussed on the podcast, offering glimpses into their time together.

The podcast revealed personal details, including moments of intimacy shared by Werkheiser and Shaw during their relationship on the show. Their conversations, sometimes including intimate encounters, provided listeners with behind-the-scenes insights and memorable anecdotes. Despite the challenges faced in his career, Werkheiser’s involvement in the podcast and his candid reflections hint at the diverse experiences and challenges he navigated post-“Ned’s Declassified.”