‘What Happened to Monday’ Ending Explained


Noomi Rapace, an esteemed figure in Swedish acting, showcases her remarkable versatility in “What Happened to Monday?” Fluent in six languages, her portrayal transcends borders, proving equally convincing in American roles and acclaimed international performances. In Tommy Wirkola’s gripping film, she takes on the unprecedented challenge of embodying all seven days of the week, flawlessly portraying distinct personalities. Her transformative performance, unjustly overlooked for an Oscar nomination, deserves recognition. Now available on Netflix, this movie offers a prime opportunity to witness Rapace’s exceptional talent in what might be considered her most outstanding role.

Set in a dystopian society enforcing a one-child policy, the Settman family covertly shelters seven identical sisters, defying the oppressive government’s strict regulations. When one sister disappears, jeopardizing their carefully maintained facade, it imperils their existence, especially with the menacing Nicolette Cayman, portrayed by Glenn Close, in pursuit. The narrative unravels the mystery behind Monday’s disappearance, intertwined with Cayman’s sinister motives, leading to a high-stakes, psychologically intense climax.

Terrence Settman, played by Willem Dafoe, navigates the perilous task of protecting his septuplet daughters, each named after a day of the week. Their tightly orchestrated routine involves impersonating a single individual, Karen Settman, to avoid detection. Nocturnal briefings on the day’s events ensure consistency in their facade. However, a shocking incident disrupts their meticulously crafted arrangement, setting off a chain of events forcing the sisters to unravel Monday’s vanishing while safeguarding their secret.


The film’s unique premise captivates audiences, drawing them into the intricacies of Rapace’s multifaceted portrayal of the sisters. Tommy Wirkola’s adept direction brings to life a dystopian world teeming with societal decay, starkly contrasting with the Settman sisters’ hidden existence.

As the narrative unfolds, Thursday emerges as a pivotal character, showcasing resilience and intelligence. Her quest to locate Monday drives the suspenseful narrative, culminating in a tense confrontation that exposes Cayman’s deceit and the sisters’ resilience against a tyrannical system.

The film’s climax, a gripping showdown between Thursday and Monday, reveals shocking truths, intertwining personal vendettas with larger societal upheavals. Rapace’s tour de force performance reaches its zenith as Thursday confronts the morally corrupt forces that threaten their existence, ultimately securing a brighter future for the suppressed populace.

“What Happened to Monday?” offers a riveting tale of sacrifice, familial bond, and societal rebellion, culminating in a triumphant resolution that challenges oppressive norms and celebrates the triumph of human resilience. Streaming on Netflix, it’s a must-watch for those captivated by thought-provoking dystopian dramas.