What happened to Mel Gibson’s ex-wife?


After a string of unfortunate public controversies that severely tarnished his once family-friendly image, Mel Gibson’s legacy in Hollywood shifted significantly. A pivotal moment in this reversal was his separation from ex-wife Robyn Moore Gibson in 2009 after a 29-year marriage. Their split occurred amidst a tumultuous period in Gibson’s life, marked by various controversies that altered the public’s perception of him.

The divorce followed Gibson’s highly publicized arrest for drunk driving in 2006, during which he made disturbing antisemitic remarks. This incident, among others, contributed to a drastic change in how he was perceived by the public. The divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences,” was finalized, marking the end of their long-standing union.

Gibson took responsibility for the separation, acknowledging his actions as the cause. In interviews, he openly admitted fault and expressed regret for the toll his behavior took on their marriage. He admitted to his mistakes and confessed to damaging their relationship, accepting blame for the deterioration of their marriage.


Despite the divorce, Gibson’s public image continued to suffer due to further controversies, notably a leaked voicemail containing offensive language directed at his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

Meanwhile, Robyn Moore Gibson, a dental nurse and mother of seven children with Mel Gibson, secured an influential position in the aftermath of their separation. As part of the divorce settlement, she received an impressive portion of Gibson’s wealth, estimated to be around $850 million at the time, marking one of the most substantial divorce payouts in Hollywood history.

In the years following their divorce, Robyn delved into real estate investments. She listed properties for sale, including a home in Agoura, Los Angeles, in 2015, and a $32 million Malibu property in 2021. Robyn demonstrated her acumen in real estate by making several strategic investments, including purchasing homes and navigating through property sales, notably in Malibu.

Conversely, Mel Gibson attempted a comeback in Hollywood, involving projects such as directing the war drama “Hacksaw Ridge” and starring in films like the John Wick prequel “The Continental” and the upcoming “Lethal Weapon 5.” Despite these efforts, his reputation never fully recovered from the controversies that surrounded him.

While Gibson sought redemption in his professional endeavors, Robyn Moore Gibson found success in real estate, showcasing her knack for investment and management in the property market following her high-profile divorce from the Hollywood actor.