What Happened To Macaulay Culkin?


Macaulay Culkin’s journey in the public eye has been quite a rollercoaster since his days as a child star in the ’90s. His transition from the limelight to a more private life followed by a return to acting and creative endeavors has been filled with unexpected twists and turns.

After experiencing immense success with a string of hit movies as a child actor, Culkin decided to step away from acting at a remarkably young age, citing the need for a break and a desire for a normal teenage experience. His hiatus included an emancipation from his parents’ financial control, allowing him to take charge of his finances.

At 17, Culkin married actor Rachel Miner, but their union was short-lived and ended in divorce just a couple of years later. This early exposure to marriage and its challenges left Culkin philosophical about relationships, acknowledging the complexities that can lead to their breakdown.


He later made a surprising return to the entertainment industry, initially choosing theater over film. Culkin’s West End debut and subsequent off-Broadway roles garnered praise, showcasing his versatility as an actor beyond his childhood roles.

In film, Culkin gravitated toward more unconventional projects, such as his portrayal of Michael Alig in “Party Monster” and his role in “Saved!” His choices indicated a deliberate effort to distance himself from his earlier typecast roles.

However, his resurgence into the public eye was accompanied by personal struggles, including a highly publicized arrest on drug charges in 2004. Culkin’s subsequent engagement with writing, through his quasi-autobiographical novel “Junior,” reflected his attempts at introspection and self-exploration.

His foray into television with the show “Kings” was short-lived despite critical acclaim, and he explored various other creative avenues, including his involvement in professional wrestling, experimental films shot with iPhones, and even forming a comedy punk band called The Pizza Underground.

Culkin’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to create Bunny Ears, a media empire that humorously parodied celebrity lifestyle sites and news platforms. Embracing his past in a light-hearted manner, he reprised his iconic “Home Alone” character in a Google Home commercial.

His recent return to acting includes a role in “American Horror Story,” showcasing his versatility and willingness to take on challenging characters.

Amidst these professional pursuits, Culkin found love and started a family with Brenda Song, with whom he shares two sons. Their journey into parenthood has been a source of joy for Culkin, highlighting a new chapter in his life.

Culkin’s trajectory illustrates the complexities of fame, personal growth, and the pursuit of creative fulfillment while navigating the challenges of life in the public eye. His journey continues to evolve, showcasing resilience, creativity, and a willingness to embrace new opportunities.