What happened to Josh on ‘Moonshiners?’


Josh Owens, a prominent figure on the Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners, recently faced a harrowing ordeal that shook fans to their core. Known for his rugged charm and background as a professional motocross racer, Josh’s journey took a perilous turn in March 2023 during a racing event at the Sons of Speed antique board track in Daytona, Florida.

While details of the incident were initially sparse, Josh’s family provided updates on his condition via social media, sparking concern among his loyal supporters. Weeks passed without word from Josh himself, intensifying speculation about the severity of his injuries. Finally, on March 27, Josh broke his silence with a poignant Instagram post from his hospital bed, revealing the extent of his injuries.

In a characteristic display of resilience, Josh candidly disclosed the extent of his trauma, including fractures to his neck, back, legs, and arm. Despite facing a daunting road to recovery, Josh reassured his followers of his unwavering resolve, declaring, “I’m tougher than a pine knot, and I’m still here.”


Remarkably, this wasn’t Josh’s first brush with adversity. In 2018, he endured another traumatic accident during bike week, where a tire malfunction on his motorcycle led to a catastrophic crash. The injuries sustained in that incident were equally severe, including multiple fractures, a punctured lung, and extensive damage to his finger.

Despite these setbacks, Josh’s indomitable spirit shines through as he continues to defy the odds. Even amid the challenges of recovery, he remains a steadfast presence on Moonshiners, seamlessly blending his passion for racing with the art of moonshine distillation. His unwavering determination serves as an inspiration to fans worldwide, proving that resilience knows no bounds.