What Happened To James Brolin’s Two Ex-Wives?


James Brolin’s romantic life has been marked by multiple marriages and relationships, each with its own unique storyline, Brolin’s first marriage was to Agee, lasting 18 years and resulting in two sons, including actor Josh Brolin. The marriage ended amid controversy and accusations of bigamy when Brolin quickly moved on to his second wife.

Following his split from Agee, Brolin married Smithers. Their relationship allegedly began while Brolin was still married to Agee, causing a whirlwind of drama and legal issues. They had a daughter together but eventually divorced.
Brolin’s third marriage was to the renowned singer and actress Streisand. They tied the knot in 1998, a year after Brolin’s divorce from Smithers.

After her divorce from Brolin, Agee passed away in a car accident nine years later, leaving behind a controversial legacy marked by her passion for raising wild animals on her ranch.
After her divorce from Brolin, Smithers left acting to focus on raising her daughter, Molly. She retreated from the spotlight, living a private life away from Hollywood. Smithers transitioned to a quieter life and prioritized her role as a mother.


Both women faced challenges and pursued different paths following their relationships with James Brolin. While Agee’s life ended tragically, Smithers chose a more private and family-oriented lifestyle after her divorce.

Their stories reflect the complexities of relationships, the struggles of life post-divorce, and the diverse paths individuals may take in finding peace and contentment after tumultuous times.