What happened to Harry and Meghan’s ‘delinquent’ charity?


The Archewell Foundation, founded by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has recently found itself embroiled in controversy after being listed as “delinquent” due to failure to submit certain documents and pay an annual registration fee. This development has sparked questions about the foundation’s operations and potential implications of its delinquent status.

Firstly, it’s important to understand what the Archewell Foundation is all about. Despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex distancing themselves from the Royal family, their foundation remains committed to charitable causes. The foundation’s mission is broad, aiming to uplift and unite communities by addressing issues related to mental health, race, gender, and more. With initiatives spanning across different regions, including work with students in Abuja and Nigeria, as well as supporting free press, the foundation has demonstrated a commitment to making a positive impact.

However, the recent controversy surrounding the foundation stems from its listing as “delinquent,” indicating a failure to fulfill financial obligations on time. This includes late submission of documents and non-payment of an annual registration fee. The consequences of this delinquency could escalate if not rectified promptly, potentially leading to suspension or revocation of the foundation’s status.


Despite assurances from a spokesperson for the couple that all necessary documents were submitted on time, the issue seems to have arisen from a missed payment rather than intentional negligence. The spokesperson explained that a check for the registration fee had not been received, but a new one has been mailed to address the oversight.

While the situation may seem concerning, it appears to be a result of administrative error rather than malicious intent. Once the missing payment is received and the fee is settled, the foundation’s delinquent status is likely to be rectified. However, vigilance is warranted to ensure that the issue is resolved promptly and transparently.