What happened to ‘Fantastic Four’ actor Ioan Gruffudd?


After Ioan Gruffudd’s portrayal of Reed Richards in the 2005 film “Fantastic Four,” which is still cherished by many fans, the Welsh actor continued to remain active in the entertainment industry, though his projects might not have gained as much mainstream attention as expected.

Following “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,” Gruffudd remained steadily employed, taking on roles in various movies and TV series alongside renowned names like Willem Dafoe, Ryan Reynolds, and Julia Roberts. Despite his involvement in these projects, they didn’t necessarily garner widespread recognition or attention.

While it might appear that Gruffudd faded from the limelight, he has actually maintained a busy schedule over the last 17 years. His work expanded to include voice acting in cartoons and video games. He also made appearances in shows and films such as “Glee” and “San Andreas,” the disaster movie featuring Dwayne Johnson. However, it seems he finds contentment more in television than in big-screen productions.


Gruffudd’s television roles have been noteworthy. He starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in the CW crime thriller “Ringer,” a series that, despite a single-season run, received positive reception. Another prominent role was in ABC’s drama “Forever,” where he portrayed Henry Morgan, a centuries-old medical examiner exploring the truth behind his immortality. Despite its favorable reception, the show, like “Ringer,” ended after one season.

More recently, he appeared in the British psychological thriller “Liar” on ITV, which ran for two seasons. Gruffudd was also part of “Harrow,” an ABC series where he played another medical professional (sans immortality). Although its third season concluded in 2021, fans remain hopeful for a fourth, considering it hasn’t been officially canceled yet.

Gruffudd also has upcoming projects, including an appearance in “Bad Boys 4,” slated for a release sometime in 2024.

In summary, Ioan Gruffudd remains active and continues to embody leading man potential, albeit channeling his efforts more towards television than major Hollywood productions.