What Exactly Is Baylan Skoll Up To In Ahsoka?


In Ahsoka Episode 7, Baylan Skoll’s actions raise questions about his true intentions, particularly concerning himself and his Padawan, Shin Hati. Baylan’s enigmatic character is a focal point of intrigue in the series, as his true allegiance and plan remain shrouded in mystery. Despite this, subtle hints have been dropped throughout the show, providing pieces of a larger puzzle.

While Ezra, Sabine, and Ahsoka grapple with Thrawn’s forces, Baylan quietly slips away from the action. This move suggests that he has a personal agenda he’s been yearning to pursue. Since his arrival on Peridea, Baylan’s plan has been flexible, adapting to the circumstances. However, one constant factor is the mysterious legend surrounding Peridea. Baylan possesses knowledge about this new planet and galaxy that remains undisclosed to the audience.

In Episode 6, Baylan expresses his weariness of the ongoing power struggle between the New Republic and the Resurgent Empire. His experience with Order 66 has propelled him beyond the transient conflict. Rather than seeking to align himself with the winning side, Baylan is in search of “the beginning” of this cycle.


Baylan’s quest extends far beyond the pursuits of Jedi or Sith. While Jedi seek wisdom for protection and Sith seek to test the limits of their power, Baylan is after something of much greater magnitude. He perceives the inevitable conflict between Jedi and Sith, culminating in Anakin’s Purge of the Jedi Temple and the rise of the Empire. Consequently, he envisions more death and destruction in this path.

In a surprising turn, Baylan separates from Shin in Episode 7, revealing that his path diverges from Thrawn’s. This abrupt decision contrasts with his previous intentions for his Padawan. It indicates a shift in focus, as Baylan seems to be driven by the ancient folklore that beckons him. Whether he seeks the truth behind these tales or is drawn by an even greater force remains uncertain. Baylan is now a rogue element in Thrawn’s game against Ezra, Ahsoka, and Sabine.

One prevalent theory regarding Baylan’s quest draws from Star Wars Legends, introducing the possibility of Abeloth, a formidable dark side entity. This powerful being was once banished to a black hole by the celestial Mortis Force-wielders. Dave Filoni, known for integrating Legends material into new content, may consider bringing back Abeloth in Ahsoka.

Alternatively, Baylan’s quest could be related to the Zeffo, ancient beings hinted at in Episode 6. Another possibility is the introduction of an ancient Nightsister beast, the Malmourral, mentioned in The Clone Wars Season 6. Baylan might also be driven by a desire to confront the legacy of the Skywalker family, seeking retribution for Anakin’s actions.

Baylan’s decision to keep his true plan concealed from Grand Admiral Thrawn indicates a level of awareness about Thrawn’s perceptions of him. Moreover, Baylan recognizes that joining Thrawn’s regime is not aligned with his own objectives. He perceives that Thrawn and the Great Mothers are fleeing from something else on Peridea, something Thrawn is not interested in awakening. Baylan believes he is the one meant to harness this power.

The separation from Shin in Episode 7 may be an act of kindness on Baylan’s part. He has attempted to instill in her the same fascination he holds for the ancient tales of Peridea’s hidden power, but she remains disinterested. Shin’s ambition for power leads her down a different path, one focused on gaining a place in Thrawn’s Empire. Recognizing this, Baylan entrusts her with executing Thrawn’s orders in his stead.

As the Ahsoka series approaches its finale, resolving Baylan’s plan is a pivotal task. His character has played a significant role throughout the show, and the final episode must elucidate his motives. Whether he finds what he seeks, be it Abeloth, the Zeffo, or another ancient force, will not only conclude his narrative but also serve as a fitting tribute to the late Ray Stevenson and his beloved character.