What episode of ‘Friends’ does Monica have a turkey on her head?


“Friends” has sustained its appeal even after nearly two decades since its conclusion, standing out among the few shows that withstand the test of time. While some jokes may feel dated and certain character representations align with ’90s trends, the series overall maintains its charm, humor, and enduring popularity among fans. As it moves between major streaming platforms, “Friends” continuously gathers new followers and retains an ever-increasing viewership.

The show is particularly renowned for its holiday episodes, with its Thanksgiving specials being notably cherished. These episodes hold a significant place among sitcom holiday episodes, containing memorable scenes that have transcended the show itself to become ubiquitous as gifs and memes, even among those not particularly fond of “Friends.”

Regarding the Thanksgiving-themed episodes, “Friends” features a total of nine across its ten-season run, with an absence only in season 2. Determining the absolute best among these episodes might be subjective, but “The One With All the Thanksgivings” is widely regarded as one of the series’ highlights.


Airing in season 5 as the eighth episode, this particular Thanksgiving episode weaves a narrative around the gang reminiscing about their worst Thanksgiving experiences. Notably, it culminates in a memorable moment where Monica hilariously adorns herself with a turkey in an attempt to cheer up Chandler, becoming an iconic scene synonymous with the series.

“The One With All the Thanksgivings” is the fourth Thanksgiving-themed episode, following the episodes from season 1 (“The One Where the Underdog Gets Away”), season 3 (“The One With the Football”), and season 4 (“The One With Chandler in a Box”). Subsequently, the series continued its Thanksgiving tradition with episodes in seasons 6 through 10: “The One Where Ross Got High,” “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs,” “The One With the Rumor,” “The One With Rachel’s Other Sister,” and “The One With the Late Thanksgiving.”