What did David Letterman say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce?


In a recent video interview shared on his official social media, David Letterman shared his thoughts on the ongoing discussion about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce, blending his signature humor with genuine support for the union of two pop culture heavyweights – the NFL and Swift.

Despite being 76 years old in 2024, Letterman displayed a supportive attitude towards the high-profile romance. Rather than adopting a cliché “old man shakes fist at clouds” stance, he described Swift as a “glowing bright light of goodness in the world.” According to Letterman, the singer’s impact on show business and popular culture is unparalleled.

Addressing the controversy surrounding the relationship and the speculation about its authenticity, the retired talk show host humorously noted how people tend to go crazy over such matters. He playfully portrayed the divide between NFL fans and Swifties, joking that football enthusiasts might resist having Taylor Swift in their realm while her fans wouldn’t necessarily welcome a “footballer” into their world. In the midst of a world filled with negativity, Letterman encouraged embracing what appears to be a heartwarming love story.


However, Letterman infused his signature comedic touch when he mistakenly referred to Travis Kelce as Kelsey Grammer. Some outlets labeled it a blunder, but it seemed more like a typical Letterman-style punchline. After the correction, Letterman smoothly acknowledged the mix-up, highlighting the positive nature of the relationship and urging everyone to appreciate the joy it brings to the world.

The humorous incident sparked reactions from fans on social media, with one suggesting a response video featuring Kelsey Grammer and Taylor Swift. Overall, Letterman’s playful take on the situation adds a lighthearted touch to the ongoing discussion about Swift’s romance with Kelce, prompting amusing speculations about other football players’ celebrity doppelgängers, like Patrick Mahomes being compared to Niles Crane.