What did Aaron Rodgers say about Jimmy Kimmel?


The ongoing drama between talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and NFL player Aaron Rodgers has reached new heights, prompting discussions about the use of the word “controversy” alongside Rodgers’ name in the Oxford dictionary. Despite the fervor surrounding the exchange, Kimmel seems determined to seek satisfaction through an apology from the football quarterback.

The source of the controversy stems from comments made by Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show on January 2, where he suggested that Jimmy Kimmel’s name might be on sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s client list, which was set to be partially revealed at the time. Rodgers hinted that there were individuals, including Kimmel, hoping that this information would not come to light. Kimmel, known for his wit and humor, did not take these accusations lightly.

In response to Rodgers’ comments, Kimmel took to social media, specifically X (formerly Twitter), to refute the claims and emphasize the insensitivity of the allegation. He stated that he had no connection with Epstein and vehemently denied any involvement. Kimmel also expressed concern about the impact of Rodgers’ reckless words on his family’s safety, warning of potential legal consequences.


Despite Kimmel’s strong response, Rodgers did not engage in a direct exchange on social media. However, the talk show host continued to address the issue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, dubbing the football player “Karen Rodgers” and criticizing him as a “hamster-brained man” who may be ignorant of his own ignorance. Kimmel questioned whether Rodgers genuinely believed in the unfounded accusation or if it was a result of resentment towards Kimmel’s previous jabs at him.

The controversy has been further fueled by Rodgers’ past actions, including his COVID-19 vaccine controversy in 2021, where he initially claimed vaccination but later contracted COVID-19 after attending parties with his team. Kimmel reminded viewers of Rodgers’ history of making dubious claims, such as dismissing sightings in 2023 as government tricks to divert attention from the impending release of the Jeffrey Epstein associates list.

Kimmel expressed disbelief at the idea that Rodgers’ intelligence could be average, considering the quarterback’s actions. While Kimmel is open to accepting an apology if Rodgers were to offer one as a “decent person,” he remains skeptical that such an acknowledgment will come.

Given Rodgers’ track record of defending his past actions, particularly regarding the COVID-19 vaccination controversy, Kimmel’s expectation for a genuine apology may be met with skepticism. The ongoing saga underscores the challenges of navigating public disputes and the potential consequences of making unfounded allegations in the public eye.