What caused Beautycounter’s abrupt closure?


It’s undeniable that the beauty industry is thriving, with makeup tutorials and beauty trends dominating social media platforms. However, amidst this apparent success, Beautycounter’s sudden closure in mid-2024 left its loyal customers and consultants in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

Despite Beautycounter’s reputation for offering a diverse range of beauty products, including makeup essentials and skincare items, and its commitment to safer and more sustainable formulations, the brand’s closure came as a surprise. The announcement of its shutdown via social media in early May left many wondering about the brand’s future.

The exact reasons behind Beautycounter’s closure remain unclear, but The Carlyle Group, the brand’s former owner, attributed it to “significant market and channel headwinds” in recent years. Following the closure, Beautycounter was sold back to its founder, Gregg Renfrew. Former representatives of the company and customers were informed of the closure through abrupt emails, signaling an immediate termination of contracts.


Despite the closure of Beautycounter, there’s a glimmer of hope for its loyal patrons. Gregg Renfrew hinted at a new venture, promising a future for the beloved products under a fresh brand. The announcement on Beautycounter’s website teases the launch of this new brand, which is expected to uphold the same standards of safety and performance that made Beautycounter popular. The launch is anticipated in late 2024.

In the meantime, Beautycounter products will remain available for purchase at select Ultas in the United States until July and online through Ulta.com until the end of the year. However, uncertainties loom regarding the future availability of these products beyond 2024. Consequently, customers are encouraged to stock up on their favorite Beautycounter products while they’re still accessible.