What Brooke Shields’ Exes Have Said About Her


Brooke Shields has navigated both fame and personal relationships under the watchful eye of her mother, Teri Shields, whose influence shaped many aspects of her life, including her romantic entanglements. Despite the complexities of her upbringing, Shields has garnered admiration from most of her former partners, who have spoken fondly of their time with her.

John Travolta, although initially part of a publicity setup orchestrated by Teri Shields, developed genuine feelings for Brooke during their time together. Despite the orchestrated nature of their romance, Travolta expressed deep admiration for Brooke’s character, emphasizing her inherent goodness and untainted nature.

Dean Cain, whom Shields considers her first real love, shared a meaningful relationship with her during their time together. Despite the pressures and expectations surrounding Shields’s public image, Cain remained supportive and understanding, emphasizing her wonderful personality and the challenges she faced under her mother’s influence.


Liam Neeson’s relationship with Shields was marked by passion and intensity, although ultimately it ended abruptly with Neeson’s sudden departure. Despite the tumultuous nature of their romance, Neeson expressed respect for Shields as a person, acknowledging her as a “great lady” and a “fantastic girl.”

Andre Agassi, however, stands as an exception among Shields’s exes, with their marriage being tumultuous and short-lived. Shields realized her mistake almost immediately after tying the knot, describing their union as marked by volatility and mistreatment. Despite the challenges they faced, Agassi helped Shields establish boundaries and gain a sense of freedom from her mother’s influence, for which she remains grateful.

Overall, Shields’s former partners have offered insights into her character, highlighting her resilience, kindness, and strength in the face of adversity. Despite the complexities of her upbringing and romantic history, Shields has emerged as a respected figure in both the entertainment industry and personal relationships.