What Became of Matthew Perry’s Ex-Fiancée Molly Hurwitz!


Molly Hurwitz, the former fiancée of the late Matthew Perry, has been focusing on her career since their split. In April 2023, she took on a new role as a literary manager at Thruline Entertainment, a prominent management and production company based in Los Angeles. Her position involves working with clients in the entertainment industry, which aligns with her extensive experience in the field. Hurwitz’s dedication and passion for comedy and her clients were key factors in her appointment.

Before joining Thruline, Hurwitz spent six years at Zero Gravity, where she worked as a manager and producer. She has a background in media, culture, and communication, having earned a Bachelor’s degree from New York University.

Matthew Perry’s memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” offered new insights into his relationship with Molly Hurwitz. In the book, Perry revealed the details of their engagement in November 2020, describing his deep fear of abandonment and how it influenced his decision to propose. He candidly admitted that he was under the influence of hydrocodone at the time. Perry also disclosed that he later ended the engagement as he grappled with his sobriety.


Following the release of Perry’s memoir and his subsequent passing, Hurwitz maintained a low profile. She was photographed in a Los Angeles park with friends and her dog, appearing somber but shielding her emotions with sunglasses and a hat. As of now, Hurwitz has not made a public statement about Perry’s passing.